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Not all bathroom remodeling installers are created equal, and the ones at ReNew Home Innovations do some of the finest work in Denver. Whether you need shower installation, bathtub replacement, or anything in between, our team is happy to handle it. Transform the look and feel of your Denver bathroom with options from traditional to modern designs that will add style and flair to your space.


Stylish Glass Shower Door & Enclosure Work in Denver

During the shower installation process, our bathroom remodeling installers can put in custom shower doors and enclosures, ensuring they match your taste and style. If your shower door is in rough shape, our team can provide fast replacement services at your Denver home.

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Shades of Our BellaDoccia Shower Systems

3 Styles, 10 Colors, 1 Great Result


Top of the Line Shower Systems in Denver

At ReNew Home Innovations, we install and replace the best brands of shower systems on the market. With a varied range of choices to choose from, your can trust your shower installation will be a sure fit — meeting your everyday needs at a competitive price point. Whatever your style may be, and wherever your project budget lands, you can be assured that we can create amazing custom shower systems in Denver.

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Renovation of an old building bathroom – 3d visualization

Bathtub & Walk-In Bathtub Renovation in Denver

Whether you need traditional or walk-in bathtub work, our bathroom remodeling installers can exceed your expectations. From custom work to bathtub replacement and installation, we make sure the vision for your bathroom comes true.

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Stunning Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are a piece of bathroom furniture that often combines a sink, countertop, and a mirror. At ReNew Home Innovation, our installers do stunning custom work, in addition to simple installation and replacement services. A good vanity combines architecture and function, including lighting and storage space.

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Proven Home Improvement Solutions in Denver, CO

ReNew Home Innovations provides homeowners with a reliable alternative to fly by night options that have long riddled the home improvement industry. Our installers are committed to delivering world class work while utilizing the best products in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling field. Whether you need custom designs or free quotes in Denver, CO, we should be your first call. Let us transform the look of your home with options from traditional to modern — adding style and flair to your space.

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