ReNew Your Shower

ReNew Home Innovations is the exclusive partner for the new American Standard shower systems in the state of Colorado.

We focus on helping consumers redesign and remodel their existing tub or shower space.

Exclusive Certified-Partnership with American Standard ensures product installation as manufacture requires.

Helping customers who are looking to remodel their bathroom in a traditional "like for like" process.

American Standard shower wall systems by ReNew Home Innovations are beautiful and affordable, and can be installed in just a few days.  Our shower walls come in a variety of stunning designs and finishes which are made of superior quality materials.

Our shower walls will transform the look of your bath space instantly. These versatile, ready-to-install options are easy to clean, maintain and are exceptionally eye appealing.  American Standard shower walls are custom made to fit your specific space within your home as no two spaces are alike.  You can choose and personalize your shower or bath ranging from full access wall panels to specific design accessories, with options for built in shelving to make storing bath products convenient.  

American Standard Solid Surface Walls are strong, durable and made to last as they are comprised of proprietary composite materials. Our shower walls have a complete finished look as they are seamless with NO grout for great style and functionality that is effortless; transforming unsightly walls into a masterpiece for your bathroom.   


American standard showers product is a game changer in the tub-shower industry