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ReNew Home Innovations is an expert when it comes to all thing's windows. With our bathroom window replacement and installation, you can feel confident you're getting the privacy you need, all while keeping your Colorado Springs home secure. Your bathroom window is a tricky design to navigate. You want to feel the sunshine seep in; however, you want to ensure that you have the privacy you deserve. Our team can help you navigate what type of window installation best fits your bathroom.

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We Customize Your Window Installation to Bring a Unique Aesthetic

With so many different window styles to choose from, the options can quickly get overwhelming. However, with the help of our custom window installers, we can break down the types of windows and what works with your layout in Colorado Springs. We've seen many choices, from a simple awning window to a picture window above the vanity, to a double hung window for extra light, to even a sliding window to bring in that outdoor air. Whatever you choose for your Colorado Springs bathroom, our window installers are here to help.

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We Know What Works Best With Your Space in Colorado Springs

Installing your custom windows sounds like a complex task. However, it doesn't have to be when you trust our professionals at ReNew Home Innovations. With years of experience under our belt, we know which windows create which type of atmosphere within your Colorado Springs bathroom. A square picture window creates a serene environment letting in just enough outside light to create a calming area. Whereas if your Colorado Springs bathroom is small in size, a large window brings in a lot of outdoor light, causing the room to appear bigger.

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We Replace Your Colorado Springs Windows With Ease

It's not uncommon for bathroom windows to need replacement from time to time. With so much to worry about when realizing it's time for new windows, we help eliminate your stress with our team. Whether your windows are cracked due to an incident or the everyday wear and tear has caused your windows to look dingy, our bathroom window replacement services in Colorado Springs are here to help.


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ReNew Home Innovations provides homeowners with a reliable alternative to fly by night options that have long riddled the home improvement industry. Our installers are committed to delivering world class work while utilizing the best products in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling field. Whether you need custom designs or free quotes in Colorado Springs, CO, we should be your first call. Let us transform the look of your home with options from traditional to modern — adding style and flair to your space.

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